“The general experience of the session was highly informative and addresses current challenges that we as South African faces. The most touching point for me was the stages which a criminal takes to commit a crime, of which if everybody knows these stages, we can succeed to foil as many crimes as possible. The presenter […]

“The close combat training is fantastic. We are constantly amazed at the impact of the application of this version of krav maga. The effectiveness and impact of the system gives me confidence to trust myself to be better prepared should I ever need to respond in a close combat situation. The step by step manner […]

“The course was at times an uncomfortable journey beyond the securities that keep us connected, mobile, and especially beyond the deceptively shallow comfort of solving issues with buying power. To experience this dose of healthy anxiety leaves a remarkable impression after the course – an air of confidence, efficacy, and empowerment.”

“You might think you know first aid, but would you be able to help a friend who’s been stabbed during a robbery? Do you know how to de-escalate a potential mugging? Can you react fast enough in a stressful situation to save a loved one’s life? The course covers practical, level one first aid, but […]

“I thoroughly enjoyed the course, especially the realistic nature of the scenario simulations. This included hijackings, shootings, home invasions, etc… I found the instructors to be articulate, knowledgeable and passionate about their subject areas. I doubt that there is any other first aid course out there that is comparable to this one. I would highly […]