“I am a 3rd year paramedic student and I am already working shifts in dangerous areas where crime ratings are of the highest. When working on the ambulance and the need would arise to protect yourself, you would be dependant on hand-to-hand combat to control the situation. During training we are taught how to quickly […]

“Whether you work in a corporate environment, the security industry, emergency services Kangal Defensive Systems has something to offer everyone interested in their personal security and safety. Everyone I have trained with at Kangal Defensive Systems is really friendly and concerned with making sure my techniques are 100%, if they are not they point out […]

“I recently completed an introduction to self defense course as part of a program our company was running and it was a blast. As an operational medic i have since used the training in a hairy situation where me and my partner was threatened by a bystander on a scene with extremely positive results. Thanks […]

“Schalk is an exceptional teacher. His classes are always technically sound and functional. I recommend it to anyone who would like to learn how to circumvent dangerous situations or how to respond if need be.”

“Got hooked after one rape defense class! Intense sessions with great benefits and skills learnt. Would recommend it to everyone to try!”

“My sleepless nights didn’t come from the fact that big, strange men invaded my home. It came from my realization that I had no idea how to protect myself… and THAT scared me. It was time to start doing research. One month later I joined. Traning with Schalk has made me mentally and physically stronger. […]

“The close combat training is fantastic. We are constantly amazed at the impact of the application of this version of krav maga. The effectiveness and impact of the system gives me confidence to trust myself to be better prepared should I ever need to respond in a close combat situation. The step by step manner […]

“The realism this course offers is what you need to train for real life situations. Insights are given on criminal behaviour and the motivating factors driving criminals. Quite a few of my ideas about criminals was proven wrong. The guys go to a lot of effort to make things as real as possible and this is […]

“I must admit that the Kangal Traumatism program was the single most memorable and effective course I have ever attended. It was both challenging and enlightening on so many levels, I now cannot imagine living in South Africa without the physical and mental preparation this course has provided me with.”

“The scenarios presented were an eye opener and taught me some valuable life lessons.  The biggest life lesson being just how comfortable we are in daily life with our easy amenities, in our own life bubble we have created for ourselves. But just like a bubble, our comfort is fragile and we can be thrown […]